IARU HF World Championship Certificate

World Champion

DK3WE_IARU_2014Eventually, the certificate for the IARU HF World Championship 2014 arrived. Now, I can call myself officially a ‘World Champion’.

WAE SSB 2015

Just a few QSOs over the weekend and collecting a few QTCs. T32AZ (Eastern Kiribati) has been the highlight on Sunday morning.

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IARU Region VHF Contest 2015

Blowing in the Wind

Another weekend of typical contest weather with strong wind and occasional heavy showers. Although this is not unusual, we got the feeling that participation lacked quite a lot. The result is about 50k points less than last year when we operated with almost the same equipment.

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YO DX Contest 2015

This contest has been some weekend fun during the annual family holidays on the Island of Bornholm, Denmark.

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microHAM u2R Failure

Highly Questionable Quality

As mentioned I have had problems with my microHAM u2r station controller (#196) during the last two major contests (CQ WPX CW 2015 and IARU HF World Championship). The following problems showed:

  • The unit wouldn’t go to automatic receive mode when both receive buttons have been pressed for a longer period of time.
  • The microphone switching didn’t work for transceiver I anymore.

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IARU HF World Championship 2015

A Thousand QSOs for the First Time

papa I arrived @DL2LSM late at Friday bringing my daughter. So she can spend some time with their grandparents while I do the contest. She did the nice picture of me operating. You can clearly see the SO2R setup, namely the two tranceiver, the SO2R controller, and the antenna tuner control box, respectively.

The contest committee introduced additional unlimited categories for all single operator classes. It allows for the use of cluster information. I decided to start in the ‘Single Operator Mixed Unlimited QRP’ category. Although the propagation hasn’t been very favoring I managed to do more than a thousand QSOs during a 24 hour contest.

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IARU R1 Fieldday CW 2015

Just for Fun

Taking part in the CW FD has been just a casual operation for fun. I tried to call CQ quite often in order to practice my CW skills a bit. So, I didn’t pay to much attention working possible multipliers. Compared to last year the number of QSOs is down by about 10%. Additionally, the number of multipliers is much lower as well. This is mostly due to the fact that the conditions on the high bands — i.e. 10m and 15m — haven’t been very good up here in the north. It has been quite some fun working HZ1FI/P on 80m.

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CQ WPX CW 2015

Getting There

IMG_4181_smallAll the contest preparations payed off and I was able to finish with a great result well above the actual World Record. Thus, even despite the fact that the ten meter band hasn’t been a great performer up here in the North.

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Results: CQWW DX CW 2014


And the Plaque goes to…

DM2M operated by DK3WE. Today, I got the news that I won the Assisted All Band QRP Category of the 2014 edition of the CQ WWDX CW contest. UA4Z — who claimed a higher score — was disqualified due to power violations. Thus, allowing me to win my first CQ plaque with a new World Record and leaving me waiting for it to arrive…

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2nd Subregional VHF and Up Contest 2015

Tricking the Weather

We have had planned a team effort from our traditional QTH ‘Deditzhoehe’. However, a couple days before the contest almost all participants had to cancel. So, this effort was canceled. One option would have been to join the effort of the DQ7A team. However, the weather forecast wasn’t very promising for the Nuremberg region. So, I decided for the DL2LSM home QTH with a much better weather prognosis. Luckily, it proved right and we had sunshine all weekend long in JO61GH.

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