VHF and Up Contest Logging Program:¬† ‘Contlog’

This is the download site for the newest version of the contest logging program ‘Contlog’ developed by DL2LSM. The program has been used with great success by the DF0MTL contest group for a long time and implements the following features for VHF and up band contesting:

  • standard contest logging
  • generation of edi- and ASCII output files for handing in logs and data analysis
  • station database
  • CW generation via serial interface link to a number of transceivers (K2, K3, Kenwood) or via using the control lines of the serial interface
  • multi-station contesting: operator communication, station passing
  • white-stickers are supported by voice snipplets

A screen shot can be seen here:

Legal Advice

The program is published under the GNU General Public License. No warranty for its usability for any purpose or its correctness in any way is given. The author is not responsible for any damage due to the use of the program.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download the appropriate installation file
  2. Unzip the installation file into a temporary directory
  3. Run ‘Setup Procedure’
  4. The ‘Setup Procedure generates a ‘ShortCut’ on the desktop. If you are not a ‘White Sticker’ and if you want to start the program always in ‘Silent Mode’ add ‘/cmd nowhite’ to the command line.

Run-Time Version

This version is for a system without a ‘Microsoft Access‘ installation. An additional run time engine will be installed.

Download: {filelink=13}

Access Developer Version

This version is for a system with¬† ‘Microsoft Access 2007′ installed. It can also be used for developing.

Download: {filelink=4}