Working HK0NA

I normally don’t work DX-expeditions. However, I wanted to give it a try with HK0NA. Those guys did a tremendous effort to put that rock onto the air. So, why not giving them the great opportunity to work me too…

Unfortunately, the antenna rotor at our club station DL0BMW is broken for the moment and the 6 element beam for 10m-15m-20m is stuck towards the south-east. So, I had to work them broad-side or use the 3 element WARC beam which has some side-lobes towards that direction.

It took me a while to get familiar with the handling of the FT-1000 . It has been the first time for me to operate split. So, I started listening, until I got the right feeling where they were listening and then I tried transmitting as well.

I could hear them pretty good on 10m but 100 Watts barefoot (PA seems to be broken) haven’t been enough. So, I switched to 12m and worked them by about the 10th call. My first CW split pile up broken! So, I was pretty happy and did it again about two hours later with my 2nd call DM2M.

Now I’m just waiting for the qsl card. The latter one can easily request on-line with no costs. Great service.

QSO Data:

  •  QSO:  24892 CW 2012-02-03 1346 DK3WE 599 HK0NA 599
  •  QSO:  24892 CW 2012-02-03 1517 DM2M 599 HK0NA 599


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