DARC VHF and Up Contest: July 2011 @ DK0CG

Making new friends

I have been very welcome by the DK0CG team in March contest. Therefore, the core team of the DF0MTL VHF team (DL2LSM and DL5YYM besides me) decided to help DK0CG to defend their 3rd place in the German Contest Trophy. So, we had to haul our entire 2m equipment some 300km south from JO61 to JN59. I took the caravan to Munich already the weekend before the contest to shorten to trip for the contest weekend. The both of us, DL2LSM and myself arrived at the  JN59RF contest location early Friday afternoon just when the rain stopped. As usually the weather changed for the worse just before the contest weekend…

Setting up the caravan and the 8-by-6 element group was done in about 6 hours. The generators have been delivered by Thomas, DL3NCS, in-between allowing us to re-fill the air-compressor. The station was set up later on and testing showed that everything worked flawlessly and full legal power had been achieved even with generator power. The later had never been tested beforehand. So, everything was ready for Saturday.

Saturday morning has been used for setting up the network connections to the 70 cm and up trailer of the DK0CG crew, for chatting with the local farmer and the DK0CG crew. The contest itself started kind of slow in number of QSOs on 2m in comparison to JO61. However, 3xI and 3xHB9 in the first 7 QSOs with an average of well over 400km compensated well for the lack of numbers. The numbers of QSO dripped at an almost constant rate leading to an overall QSO number of more than 500 with a total of more than 170.000  points. That is an average of 340km per QSO. No special propagation like ES or Tropo has been observed. By the way, the day before the contest 4X was workable from that location.

We are pretty satisfied with the result so far. Nevertheless, there would have been more possible. However, checking the log we noticed that we switched to SSB too late on Sunday and doing to much CW. The only unsatisfying thing has been the weather as usually. Heavy rain an Sunday and strong winds made the taking down of the antenna a bit more of a challenge. However, everything went well and we left the hill by 8pm arriving at home shortly after midnight.

We would like to thank the entire DK0CG contest crew for their outstanding hospitality and hope that the 2m result helped a bit to defend their 3rd place in the German Contest Trophy. In addition we repeat our invitation for a return visit in JO61JF for the September IARU VHF contest. We will be very glad if you guys would like to join us for some more operating, technical discussions, food and drinks as well as celebrating the hopefully good weather.

Preliminary Result:

Call: DK0CG, JN59RJ


Rig: K3 + TR144H+40 + Mosfet PA 750W
Antenna: 8x6el, 20m high, 580m asl

    #QSOs: 514
   Points: 176670
  Average: 344km
      ODX: 891km  (YO3DDZ/P - KN16JS)
Countries: 20
                   9A:  12x  ( 7129)
                   DL: 220x  (52725)
                   E7:   1x  (  735)
                    F:  10x  ( 4288)
                   HA:  16x  ( 9344)
                  HB9:  13x  ( 9406)
                  HB0:   1x  (  280)
                    I:  29x  (15727)
                   OE:  11x  ( 3141)
                   OK: 112x  (30756)
                   OM:  23x  (11599)
                   ON:   5x  ( 2800)
                   OZ:   4x  ( 2810)
                   PA:   4x  ( 2206)
                   S5:  23x  (10211)
                   SM:   2x  ( 1398)
                   SP:  11x  ( 5391)
                   TK:   1x  (  727)
                   YO:   2x  ( 1731)
                   YU:   5x  ( 4266)
Fields: 87

               JO45 JO55 JO65
               JO44      JO64           JO94
     JO23 JO33 JO43 JO53      JO73
     JO22 JO32 JO42 JO52 JO62 JO72
     JO21 JO31 JO41 JO51 JO61 JO71 JO81 JO91
JO10 JO20 JO30 JO40 JO50 JO60 JO70 JO80 JO90
     JN29 JN39 JN49 <..> JN69 JN79 JN89 JN99
          JN38 JN48 JN58 JN68 JN78 JN88 JN98 KN08
     JN27 JN37 JN47 JN57 JN67 JN77 JN87 JN97 KN07
          JN36 JN46           JN76 JN86 JN96 KN06 KN16
     JN25 JN35 JN45 JN55 JN65 JN75 JN85 JN95 KN05
          JN34 JN44 JN54 JN64           JN94 KN04
               JN43 JN53 JN63      JN83



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