CQ WPX CW 2023

In Remembrance

Before the contest we got the sad news that our fellow BCC contester Ben, DL6RAI became a silent key while preparing his contest station on P4. He had been a great mentor and fellow competitor and it was always fun to compare our scores while he used low power with a double-zepp at his home location and me using larger antennas and qrp power. I will definitely miss his calls and contest analysis. RIP in contest heaven dr Ben.

The station works flawlessly at the moment and no additional improvements are planned so far besides adding band passes after each transceiver. So, I got to the QTH on Thursday and had plenty of time to setup the second transceiver and get the station running.

I started about an our into the contest to avoid the stress at start and run the first eleven hours without taking a break. Conditions were quite good the first day with 15m open through the night and activity on all bands. The high bands got a bit weaker on the second day but there were always stations to work. 10m wasn’t as good as I had hoped for but I kept busy till the end. I ended up with almost 250 more QSOs and more than 150 more prefixes than last year and almost 700k points more. So, I’m quite happy with the result and working on my CW capabilities before the contest paid off.

Low Light: Sitting this long time got me a sore back. I Think I have to get myself a gamer chair soon to prevent this to happen again.

As always, I would like to thank DL2LSM and XYL for the logistical and moral support. Without your support theses results wouldn’t been possible. 

Preliminary Result:

Call:  DM2M
Operator: DK3WE
Class: SO All Band Assisted QRP
Rig:   2x K3 (5W)
Ant:   2x20m Dipole @20m, spider beam @20m, 
40m shortened 2 el. @17m, 160m Inverted-L 15m high QTH: @DL2LSM, JO61GH Summary:
Total Score: 4037 * 860 = 3.471.820

Band   QSOs  Points   Prefixes
160      29     58      13
 80     226    431      76
 40     558   1348     255
 20     552   1101     279
 15     383    939     175
 10      86    160      62
Total  1834   4037     860
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