IARU HF World Championship 2022

Legendary to the Left Coast

Unfortunately I didn’t get all the sleep that I wanted the night before the contest due to a medical condition in the family. So, I had to take a few short breaks during the contest. Nevertheless, the result is the best I have been achieved so far.

In the opening hours the bands felt quite a bit dull despite the fact that 10m and 15m opened to Asia and the East Coast. It was a kind of spotty. So, after a couple of hours I was on the same track as last year. However, things changed quite a bit when sunset approached. 15m and even more 20m stayed open very late and allowed for good QSO rates. Additionally, the low bands played very well till sunrise. It all kept me quite busy. So, I changed the goal to a million points and 1200 QSOs which were reached at about an hour to go. West Cast station produced unbelievable signal on Sunday morning. So, I even reached W6AFA in phone with my modest station… 

Best DX:

  • 3D2AG and 3D2HQ on 15m Sunday Morning
  • ZD7BG on 10, 15, and  20m    

Preliminary Result:

Call:  DK3WE
Operator: DK3WE
Class: SO Unlimited All Band QRP
Rig:   2x K3 (5W)
Ant:   2x20m Dipole @20m, spider beam @20m, 
2 shortened ele 40m @17m, 160m Inverted-L 15m high QTH: @DL2LSM, JO61GH Summary:
Total Score: 3611 * (115 + 185) = 1.083.300

Band CW PH Points Zones HQ
--------------------------------------- 160 29 10 53 5 20 80 129 18 273 12 27 40 206 15 677 18 32 20 347 37 1254 29 40 15 279 21 976 33 41 10 132 18 378 18 24 --------------------------------------- Total 1122 119 3611 115 185


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