WAE CW 2021 – OU2M

Back to the Roots on Årø

Family summer holidays brought us to Årø an island in the Little Belt of the Baltic Sea just of the coast of Denmark mainland. I just took basic gear to take part in the weekly OK1WC Memorial Contests and to communicate with the guys back home. 

The latter worked great on 80m and even on 160m with DL2LSM and DL7LAM. Unfortunately, I never managed to participate in the Monday contest routine. One week I had to go to Urgent Care due to an ingrown toe nail and the other week we went on an excursion to see the remainders of German World War II Radar Bunkers on the island of Rømø. Nevertheless, I invested a couple of hours and participated in CW part of the Worked All Europe Contest.

The vacation house has been located on the highest point of the small island on an elevation of about 5m above sea level. The antenna looked down onto marsh land from the north to the south west. The other directions had some flat farmland towards the Baltic Sea. All-in-all an almost noise-free and great QTH. I set up my trusty 2-by-20m double-Zepp antenna. The center had been about 11m high with the wires sloping to the ground. The station was setup underneath the car port. Thus, limiting the operation at night time when it started to be really cold outside.

Certainly, the antenna used had not been a real DX antenna. Nevertheless, it worked very well and I could work 313 different stations. I even started to log some QTC series. It is definitely a lot of fun and I will train hard to improve my capabilities here. Highlights have been ZL (20m, 40m), KL7 (20m), VK (20m), and CX (80m). Unfortunately, 15m and 10m propagation had been quite poor only allowing a couple of QSOs on 15m.

Preliminary Result:

Call:  OU2M
Operator: DK3WE
Class: SO All Band Assisted Low
Rig:   K3 (100W)
Ant:   2x20m Dipole @11m
QTH:   Årø, JO45VG, IOTA EU-172

Total Score: (313 + 152) * 275 = 127.875

Band   QSO   QTC    Multi
 80     22     0      60
 40     95    29     105   
 20    189   123      98
 15      7     0      12 
 10      0     0       0
Total  313   152     275


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