IARU Region I Fieldday 2017

SO3K – Single Operator Three Kids

davIn principle all had been prepared to run this contest as it had been done last year. However, DL2JRM and DL8DYL bailed out on short notice to do an individual approach as DR7B/P. I decided to go on with the project anyway since I had promised the kids some camping on the hill.

We started early on Friday afternoon. However, the situation on the highway towards the north was horrendous. So, after needing two hours for the first 60km we turned around and tried another time on Saturday morning. This time it was an easy travel. However, contest start was out of reach at this point. So, we arrived at the contest spot at about 4 o’clock in the afternoon and set up the tent. Immediately afterwards a huge thunderstorm hit and we were forced to get inside the caravan. The rain stopped about half past seven well into the contest when I started setting up the antenna finishing the job at sun set.

I have done a few tests with the antenna used last year consisting of of two dipoles with different length. I don’t think it is a big disadvantage to use just a single wire. So, I ended up using a 2-by-22m double zepp antenna, matched on all bands by the AT-502 antenna tuner.

I decided to run the contest from main power due to the time issues. Station setup continued after the kids went to bed and I operated a bit into the night. I called CQ for most of the time and was rewarded by some nice DX. SO, 9M2 and HI called in on 40m. A couple of W stations made into the log on 80m. It definitely has been fun. The only draw-back was that the QRN by distant and close-by storm cells has been quite intense, and made frequent repeats necessary.

I operated again before breakfast and after lunch and more than 350 stations made it into the log. I’m quite happy about this number.

Late afternoon we decided to call it a day even so the weather drastically improved and it became quite sunny again. Unfortunately, my old – about 25 years – tent didn’t withstand the rain and became leaky. That wouldn’t have been comfortable for the kids to sleep in it for another night.

Thanks everybody for the QSOs and hope to see you next time with improved setup.

I would like to thank DL2LSM for all the logistic and moral support as well as Doreen for allowing me to operate and helping with the kids.

Preliminary Result:

Call:     DM2M/P
Class:    Multi Operator Low Power Unassisted - Checklog
Operator: DK3WE
Rig:      K3 (100W), microHAM u2r
Antenna:  Double Zepp 
QTH:      Deditzhoehe, JO61JF


Total Score: 1104 * 114 = 125856
Band   QSO     Multi    Points
160     16        7        62
 80     91       23       276
 40     73       22       219
 20    133       26       368
 15     28       16        87
 10     31       20        92
Total  372      114      1104


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