CQ WPX CW 2016

Continuous Improvement

The CQ WPX CW contest has been in coincidence with the family holidays on Bornholm Island for the last couple of years. However, my daughter started school last September and consequently family holidays moved to August. So, this WPX participation has been the first one from the DL2LSM QTH for quite a while. The overall result is comparable to the one from last year despite the declining sun activity. So, it has been managed to work about 100 more QSOs whie keeping the QSO points and prefixes at a constant level.

The entire contest has been fun to operate. However, a few technical problems have been encountered. The USB-to-serial converter and/or MicroHAM u2r stopped working from time to time when transmitting on 40m despite the qrp power level. Unfortunately, it took a while to solve the mystery and find the responsible part. I switched the USB cable to one with some Ferrite beads which did the trick. So, re-cabling of all the serial and USB cables needs to be done before the autumn contest season.

There haven’t been particular highlights. Nevertheless, working three times KH6 (KH6TU, KH6LC, KH7M) is always a thrill. Unfortunately, WH6R just came back once with DM2? and the QSO couldn’t be finalized. Additionally, VK (VK6LW) and ZL (ZM1A) could be reached on 40m.

As always, I would like to thank DL2LSM and XYL for the logistical and moral support.

Preliminary Result:

Call:  DM2M
Class: SO All Band Assisted QRP
Rig:   2x K3 (5W)
Ant:   2x20m Dipole @12m, spider beam @13m

Total Score: 2826 * 685 = 1.935.810

Band   QSO   Points   Prefixes 
160     18      35        18  
 80    181     404        97  
 40    301     788       132  
 20    461     873       217  
 15    323     543       150  
 10    155     183        71  
Total 1439    2826       685
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One Response to “CQ WPX CW 2016”

  1. DK3WE Says:

    The claimed scores have been published. I find myself in the 4th place. It seems that competition for the top spots becomes harder every year. Great performance of the competitors RA3AN and OK2FD. The result of RQ9A is almost unbelievable. Interestingly, RQ9A has been listed unassisted first and there has been an IT9 station listed in this category with an extra-ordinary score. So, lets see what the final scoring brings. Great competition.

    2016 CQ WPX CW
    Single Operator / Assisted / QRP All Bands / World
       1 RQ9A............3,853,852 (UA9BA)
       2 OK2FD...........2,309,960
       3 RA3AN...........2,050,455
       4 DM2M.(T)........1,907,676 (DK3WE)
       5 VE3KI.(T).......1,363,768
       6 ON6NL.(T).......1,251,488
       7 DL4SDW..........1,014,475
       8 LZ113RF...........936,874 (LZ1YE)
       9 SP6GCU............577,230
      10 UT3EK.............576,810  

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