Marconi Memorial Contest VHF 2015

Monster Call

Family obligations prevented us to work from our usual portable QTH in JO61JF. So, we decided to run the contest from home. Günter, DL5YYM, came up with the idea of using DK65DARC. This is a special call of 65 year celebrations of the DARC. Although, it is a monster call for working a VHF contest we agreed.

The home QTH offers a 17 element F9FT about 20m high as antenna. The standard TR751 with transistor power amplifier had been replaced by our portable setup of TR144H+40 with K3 and our legal limit MOSFET power amplifier. Power had been limited to 250W in order to let the mast preamplifier survive. Althogether, this is quite a limited setup compared to our usual portable setup.

The setup worked flawlessly and the CW filters of the K3 allowed to hear and work much more stations compared to the standard setup. We managed to work more than 200 stations. There has been quite some nice DX: several stations from I, 9A, S5, and G with G7RAU being the most distant. Sometimes it has been quite some challenge with the call but most operators got it eventually. A few stations couldn’t be reached due to the power limitations, e.g. IQ4AX (JN54KK).

It has quite nice to meet so much friends on air and we wish everybody happy holidays and hope to see you again next year.

Results: DK65DARC – JO61GH

Operators: DK3WE, DL2LSM, DL5YYM

144 MHz
969km (G7RAU - IO90IR)

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