Worked All Germany (WAG) 2015

Unfortunately, family obligations prevented me from putting in a full effort. So, I just operated about two hours from the DL0BMW club station.

The setup is far from optimal for the WAG contest, e.g.

  • There is only a small vertical for the low bands.
  • The QTH is quite noisy as it is located in an industrial area.
  • The transceiver doesn’t have narrow CW filters.

Nevertheless, it has been great fun to operate. I run most of the time and searched just a little bit. I got called by NA8V, W1UE, W1/DL4NAC, AD4Z, and K1LZ on 80m. It would have been interesting to run on 40m, too. However, that isn’t fun without CW filters. So, I refrained from it. Last QSO has been with ZM2IO on 20m long path with fluttery signal. He run low power and I worked him with 30W drive power since the amplifier wasn’t ready yet and the beam still pointing towards the north. It is always amazing how well he hears even the tiniest signals.

Preliminary Result:

Call:  DK3WE
Class: Single Operator High Power
Rig:   FT1000
Ant:   GAP Voyager (80m, 40m), Tribander

Total Score:  436 * 55 = 23980.

Band    QSOs    DXCC  Points    
  80    101      28     229
  40     28      15      68
  20     43      12     139
  15     --      --      --
  10     --      --      --
TOTAL   172      55     436


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One Response to “Worked All Germany (WAG) 2015”

  1. DK3WE Says:

    Unter folgender URL kannst du feststellen, ob dein Log richtig angekommen
    ist. Wenn der Contest ausgewertet ist, kannst du auch deinen persönlichen
    UBN-Bericht für dein Log unter dieser URL abrufen.

    User-ID: zzz10108
    Passwort: 148169

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