IARU Region VHF Contest 2015

Blowing in the Wind

Another weekend of typical contest weather with strong wind and occasional heavy showers. Although this is not unusual, we got the feeling that participation lacked quite a lot. The result is about 50k points less than last year when we operated with almost the same equipment.

We have been planing a joint operation with DQ7A again. However, only DD0VS joined eventually. We set up two antenna systems 4-by-6 element (DL2LSM, DK3WE) and 4-by-9 element (DD0VS), respectively. DL2LSM and DK3WE started already on Friday afternoon with mowing the lawn, setting up the trailer and tent before it became dark. The setup has been finished on Saturday morning. Due to the wind the 4-by-6 group has only be deployed to about 14 meters.

The contest started slow with about 60 QSOs the first hour. The rate slowed down even further and never really picked up again. So, we only managed to get 470 QSOs from 79 fields in the log yielding about 150k points. This is an average of about 323km/QSO which is pretty Ok for the flat conditions.

A special thanks goes to DH0LS, DG0LAW, and DL8WQQ for the great barbecue they prepared.

We hope to see everybody and a few more back for the Marconi contest.

Results: DQ7A – JO61JF


144 MHz
935km (YT4B - JN94SD)

Pictures by DD0VS:


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