CQ WPX CW 2015

Getting There

IMG_4181_smallAll the contest preparations payed off and I was able to finish with a great result well above the actual World Record. Thus, even despite the fact that the ten meter band hasn’t been a great performer up here in the North.

In order to improve from last years performance, the following tasks have been carried out and improvements have been incorporated:

  • The guying lines of the new 18m fiberglass mast have been put on reels in order to speed up the setup.
  • The Spiderbeam has been well marked and setup instruction have been written in order to shorten setup times.
  • The 2-by-27m double zepp used already during this years CQ WPX SSB contest has been installed at a height of about 18 metres.
  • A new more powerful laptop has been bought in order to allow to run the VE7CC cluster software, the Microham u2R Device Driver, and the N1MM+ logging software in parallel.
  • A slingshot with an affixed fishing reel has been built to been able to to get the ends of antenna wires over tall trees.

The ferry time table to Bornholm has been quite disappointing this year with respect to the arrival time. Thus, we arrived at around 6:30pm the Thursday before the contest. Luckily, the days are quite long in the north allowing to work outside up to about 10pm local time. So, I have been able to unload the car and started mounting the spreaders of the spiderbeam. Additionally, I set up the station inside the shack when it became dark outside.

Setting up the spiderbeam has been a relatively easy task the next day. The system is pretty much optimized for fast deployment. The middle mast for the double-zepp has been placed at the balcony of the house. The last element of the spiderbeam pole hasn’t been used. Thus, the center of the antenna has been about 18m high. The ends of the radiating wires have been sloping done to about 14m high pine trees. The new slingshot worked pretty well in getting the ropes over the trees after an initial learning period. I finished the antenna setup about 8pm leaving some time for final station adjustments and some needed rest.

The band conditions have been quite strange this time due to a minor sun storm. The ten meter band never really opened. There are a few South-Europeans in the log together with EA8 and PY. I could hear some Far East Station, i.e. 9N, HS, and VR. However, I couldn’t grab their attention. The fifteen meter band provided quite some DX to the East and into South America but never really into North America. The first day it opened late into the West Coast but I’m lacking the innumerable East Coast stations. Twenty meter has been open around the clock and has been the money band all weekend long. The low bands have been a bit noisy and openings are short up here in the North in early summer. Nevertheless, they provided a solid number of contacts and the new double-zepp antenna worked pretty good.

Most likely, this has been my last appearance from Bornholm for the WPX contest for a while. My daughter starts with school in September. Unfortunately, there won’t be any long school vacations in coincidence with the WPX weekend.


  • The entire contest has been fun to operate. There haven’t been particular highlights. Nevertheless, working THE Pacific, e.g. three times KH6 is always a thrill.

Low Points:

  • My VE7CC cluster software, the Microham u2R Station Controller doesn’t allow for automatic switching of the receive focus anymore. I had to switch the focus manually.


  • This antenna setup is about as much as I can setup on my own in one day. It gives a well equipped station and it is fun to operate. However, there is no way that this station can compete with monobander setups as can be seen in the claimed scores.
  • There have been some high wind days the days after the contest. It showed that the aluminium mast used is not strong enough to cope with the high wind load of the spiderbeam. Some of the connections of the different tubes have been pretty much worn out. So, it is time to construct a new stronger mast.

Preliminary Result:

Call:  OU2M
Class: SO All Band Assisted QRP
Rig:   2x K3 (5W)
Ant:   2x27m Dipole @18m, spider beam @9m
QTH:   Balka, Bornholm Island, JO75NA

Total Score: 2793 * 684 = 1.910.412

Band   QSO   Points   Prefixes 
160     17      33         7  
 80    177     382        68  
 40    295     769       167  
 20    499     935       264  
 15    293     641       164  
 10     25      33        14  
Total 1306    2793       684


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2 Responses to “CQ WPX CW 2015”

  1. DK3WE Says:

    The claimed scores have been published. I find myself at the 3rd place. It seems that competition for the top spots becomes harder.

    2015 CQ WPX CW
    Single Operator / Assisted / QRP All Bands / World
       1  RA3AN...........2,176,398
       2  F/E72T..........1,980,660
       3  OU2M.(T)........1,908,360 (DK3WE)
       4  N3CZ/4.(T)........972,468
       5  SD0T.(T)..........902,880 (SM0THU)
       6  YU1LM.............749,616
       7  KE8M..............728,272
       8  NE5LL.............569,140 (N1CC)
       9  US2IZ.............389,464
      10  RU0LAX............311,168
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