Getting serious with DM2M

Getting serious with DM2M

DF0MTL takes a break as a contest team in 2011 improving our equipment and taking it easy for a while. Thus, the team members are either operating on an individual base as DH0LS does or operate in smaller groups like the VHF crew consisting of DL2LSM, DL5YYM, DL9GRE, and myself. We decided to compete just on 2m — my favourite band — from our usual qth in JO61JF using my contest call DM2M.

The weather forecast for the weekend seemed rather good. Thus, we set up our 8-by-6 element group as primary antenna on Friday and added a small 2-by-9 element group as secondary on Saturday morning. The set up was rather uneventful and all the equipment played pretty well all weekend long.

The contest itself started pretty good with giving us 83 QSOs for the first hours. Most of them random interlaced with a few successful skeds to SM7 and SP2 via the ON4KST chat. Even RU2FM called us that early in the contest in SSB. The QSO rates slowed down a bit towards the night as the wind picked up quite a bit from the east. It seemed that the later blew away all layering in the atmosphere and since the signals have been very weak with strong qsb all the rest of the contest. Contacts to UR and OM land normally a piece of cake were hard work or couldn’t be completed. So, we have been very happy with the result of more than 600 QSOs and almost 180.000 points. There has been substantial flesh missing with QSOs in the 500 to 800 km range.

Getting down the antenna under the heavy wind from the east took a bit more time as usual but no issues their either. All, fun as always. Thanks to all the callers and see you in the other contests later that year.

Preliminary Result:

Call: DM2M, JO61JF

Operators: DK3WE, DL2LSM, DL5YYM, DL9GRE

Rig: K3 + TR144H+40 + Mosfet PA 750W
Antenna: 8x6el, 20m high + 2x9el, 6m high, 220m asl 

    #QSOs: 602
   Points: 177253
  Average: 294km
      ODX: 867km  (LY2WR - KO24FO)
Countries: 19
                   9A:   7x  ( 4793)
                   DL: 377x  (83405)
                    F:   6x  ( 3288)
                   HA:  10x  ( 6063)
                  HB9:  13x  ( 7671)
                    I:   7x  ( 5034)
                   LY:   1x  (  867)
                   OE:   3x  ( 2024)
                   OK:  80x  (20172)
                   OM:  20x  (10049)
                   ON:   5x  ( 2791)
                   OZ:   4x  ( 2100)
                   PA:  10x  ( 5188)
                   S5:   8x  ( 4594)
                   SM:   7x  ( 3528)
                   SP:  39x  (13626)
                  UA2:   2x  ( 1284)
                   UR:   1x  (  809)
                   YL:   1x  (  830)

Fields: 82
                    JO56           JO76      KO06
               JO45 JO55 JO65 JO75
          JO34 JO44 JO54 JO64 JO74 JO84 JO94 KO04      KO24
     JO23 JO33 JO43 JO53      JO73      JO93
     JO22 JO32 JO42 JO52 JO62 JO72 JO82
JO11 JO21 JO31 JO41 JO51 <..> JO71 JO81 JO91
     JO20 JO30 JO40 JO50 JO60 JO70 JO80 JO90
     JN29 JN39 JN49 JN59 JN69 JN79 JN89 JN99 KN09      KN29
     JN28 JN38 JN48 JN58 JN68 JN78 JN88 JN98 KN08
          JN37 JN47 JN57           JN87 JN97
          JN36                JN76 JN86 JN96
                    JN55 JN65 JN75 JN85 JN95 KN05
          JN34      JN54


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