2nd Subregional VHF and Up Contest 2015

Tricking the Weather

We have had planned a team effort from our traditional QTH ‘Deditzhoehe’. However, a couple days before the contest almost all participants had to cancel. So, this effort was canceled. One option would have been to join the effort of the DQ7A team. However, the weather forecast wasn’t very promising for the Nuremberg region. So, I decided for the DL2LSM home QTH with a much better weather prognosis. Luckily, it proved right and we had sunshine all weekend long in JO61GH.

It allowed for some outdoor antenna work. The side mast for the soon to be used temporary dipole has been completely refurbished. Thus, the erecting of the antenna should be a piece of cake in the autumn contest season.

Additionally, the 2m station (17el F9FT, TS751, 250W power amplifier) has been shared by DL2LSM and myself. We did both around 60 QSOs at average conditions. ODX has been 9A9R with just over 700km. I heard I5PVA/6 at a distance of 825km quite consistently during the night but couldn’t raise him.

Results: DK3WE – JO61GH

144 MHz
714km (9A9R - JN85OQ)

Pictures by DK3WE:

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