Spiderbeam Repair

P1130685_small.JPGThe storm ‘Niklas‘ caused some minor damage on the spiderbeam. One of the lower guy lines got disconnected when a carabiner malfunctioned. These carabiners are kind of low quality and shouldn’t have been used in the first place. They do not have a latch system and therefore do not lock well. Additionally, the lower guy ropes haven’t been very tense anyway. So, the carabiner simply disengaged when the antenna moved heavily in the wind.

I got up the ladder as high as I could get. Luckily, the rope dangling down could be cut close to the lower guying point by a pair of pruning shears. So, the lower part of the guying rope could be removed. The remaining part of the rope is about two meters long and is hanging free. It doesn’t pose any danger anymore. Actually, we think it didn’t have much of a function anyway.

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