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P1130605_smallThis years final frontier of the CQ WWDX CW contest has been encountered with a number of new gadgets in order to improve the overall score. In addition to the excellent conditions a few of them actually helped and I ended up with a score well above the actual World record. So, I should be pretty happy. Unfortunately, there has been an even higher score by UA4Z…


The following accessories have been built before the contest:

  • wire pyramid for 80m tuned for the CW part of the band, apex 14m high
  • 40m delta loop, apex about 12m high
  • 6-by-2 antenna switch, HF part based on the design of SJ2W
  • cluster server running VE7CC cluster client

Thus, there have been a total of 4 different antennas to choose from. Neither the 40m delta loop nor the 80m wire pyramid showed any signal improvement when compared to the 2-by-20m double zepp. Nevertheless, it allowed for dual band operation together with the new 6-by-2 antenna switch. The latter had been finished shortly before the contest and worked flawlessly. This included de-soldering and re-soldering of the 36 contacts of an old printer cable to be used to control the switch as well as of preparation of  new coax patch cables inside the shack and towards the outside world. Thanks to DL2LSM for doing this job. So, there are two permanent antennas now the three band spider beam and 2-by-20m double zepp. Additionally, two coax stubs go to the outside to connect temporary antennas.


Outside antenna work and inside station preparation had been finished by nightfall. So, I went shopping to provide for a reasonable amount of caffeine during the contest time. Additionally, I bought a lightweight head set to not have to use the heavy HEIL ones since I didn’t need the mike anyway. Eventually, I even had a couple of hours rest before the race took off. However, it had been a bit fitful since I was simply nervous.

Conditions on all bands have been pretty excellent over the entire weekend.


I’m pretty satisfied with the result. I never thought that such a result is possible with such a modest setup.  It is well above the actual world record. Additionally, I have been able to work quite some rare DX and even all-time-new-ones.


Working quite some DX despite the qrp power level, i.e.:

  • two all-time-new-ones: 7O2A (Yemen) and EL2DT (Liberia)
  • 21x VK (Australia), 5x ZL (New Zealand)
  • 3D2KM (Fiji), TX8C (New Caledonia), KH7XX (Hawai), 3x AH0K (Mariana Islands), NH2DX and  AH2R (Guam)
  • 8Q7DV (Maldives) on 4 bands
  • HC2AO/8 (Galapagos) on 3 bands
  • 3B8MU  (Mauritius) on 3 bands

Low Points:

There have been a few pile-ups not to be broken:

  • KH8B (American Samoa) – most likely due to my own fault, antenna had been set for KH6 almost 45 degrees off
  • XE on 15m for zone 6 – the band already closed down
  • BV on 40m for zone 23 – the pile up had been simply to heavy


I would like to say thank you to DL2LSM and XYL for hosting me again and helping with all the antenna work and building the mechanical parts of the 6-by-2 antenna switch. This great score wouldn’t have been possible without all the support and tolerance by you.


  • Both, the 80m wire pyramid as well as the 40m delta loop antenna worked. However, they haven’t been any improvement compared to the 2-by-20m double zepp @12m. Therefore, we might try another double zepp as second antenna for the lowbands. Additionally, a lying 80m quad loop  might be useful for working Europe.
  • We might try to built a triplexer and appropriate band filters to be able to use the tribander on more than one band at the time.

Preliminary Result:

Call:  DM2M (DK3WE)
Class: SO All Band Assisted QRP
Rig:   K3 (5W) + K3 (5W)
Ant:   2x20m double zepp, spider beam, 40m delta loop, 80m wire pyramid 

Total Score: 3931 * (144+472) = 2.421.496

Band   QSO    CQ   DXCC   Points   
160    118     5     40     122
 80    378    13     59     523
 40    280    22     79     606
 20    366    34     92     851
 15    457    33    111    1102
 10    304    37     91     727
Total 1903   144    472    3931


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4 Responses to “CQ WWDX CW 2014”

  1. DK3WE Says:

    Claimed scores are out and I find myself at place #2 world wide. Not as good as I had hoped but there is always someone ahead of you. Will have to fight again next year…

    2014 CQ WW DX CW
    Single Operator / Assisted / QRP All Bands / World
       1  UA4Z............2,691,650
       2  DM2M............2,427,300 (DK3WE)
       3  VE3KI...........2,160,756
       4  N2QT/4..........2,064,512
       5  RA3AN...........1,542,840
       6  OK2FD...........1,324,242
       7  LZ5W............1,030,992 (LZ1YE)
       8  UN8PT...........1,001,292
       9  OK7CM.............986,124
      10  9A4QV.............875,490
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