IARU Region VHF Contest 2014

Almost Spared by the Storms

P1130594_small It has been an unusual and strange summer this year in Germany. There have been just a few sunny and dry days during the entire month of August. The first weekend of September is usually already a taste of autumn. However, not this year. It has been hot and humid all weekend. Luckily, the thunder storms around missed us and we could operate the entire contest time and weren’t forced to stop. The only rain we got hit us when the last half hour of dismantling the station. So, the tent has been trenched eventually. However, there has been a lot of flashing around we could see. This definitely keeps the tension up.

This year we were joined by 3 crew members of DQ7A and operated with their call sign to secure their 3rd place in the German Contest Trophy. DL2LSM and DK3WE setup the 4-by-6 element antenna system and the station tent already on Friday afternoon. The second 4-by-9 element antenna system was setup Saturday by the DQ7A crew. The contest started slow with about 70 QSOs the first hour. The rate slowed down further. However, it stayed pretty high during the night and picked up again in the morning. We managed to get more than 600 QSOs from 96 fields in the log yielding in more than 200k points. This is an average of about 335km/QSO. We are pretty happy about this result.

A special thanks goes to the Jens, DH0LS for the great barbecue he prepared.

We hope to see everybody and a few more back for the Marconi contest.

Results: DQ7A – JO61JF


144 MHz
956km (YT7C - JN94XC)

Pictures by DD0VS:

Pictures by DL2LSM:


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