IARU Region I VHF Contest 2013

Guest Again

Unfortunately, the setup of the new Spiderbeam @DL2LSM took a bit longer than expected. In addition further family matters prevented DL2LSM and myself to put in a full contest effort in September. Nevertheless, we both participated in the event part time.  I have been guest of the DQ7A crew in JN59RJ again mainly operating during the night time and a bit around noon.

There has been a total of two antenna systems the old 3-by-6 DK7ZB and a new 4-by-9 F9FT. They both worked very well and gave a total of more than 600 QSOs with a total of more than 220k points. ODX has been IS0BSR/IS0 from the island of Sardinia who called in with a pretty solid SSB signal. The only drawback has been the strong but unavoidable QRM by the super station DR1H who operates very close by.

I would like to thank the DQ7A crew for their great hospitality and for the fact that I have been allowed to leave before tearing down the setup.

In addition, it is gratefully acknowledged that we got our guy line back we left last time operating with you. We missed when we setup the big antenna in May. It is a bit unfortunate  that it looks a bit worn down now.

Results: DQ7A – JN59RF

Operators: DD0VS, DG8AM, DJ7AT, DK3WE, DL3NCS

144 MHz
984km (IS0BSR/IS0 - JN40PQ)


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    There has been a reporter from a local newspaper who wrote the following article in German:


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