3rd Subregional VHF and Up Contest 2013

Once in a Lifetime Experience

DL5YYM decided to go on holiday to 3V for the July contest this year. So, he missed an almost perfect weekend: perfect weather, good tropo conditions to the British Islands, some Aurora to Scandinavia. We are just missing some more operators to operate more bands. The equipment is there.

We decided to setup just 2m for this contest since we have been seriously limited in operators. So, we started to setup up the 8-by-6 element 2m antenna on Friday around midday in perfect weather. The antennas have been built by DH0LS and seem to work quite good. They will give us at least some better VSWR (even in wet weather). The gain seems to be comparable to our old system. The antenna went up without any major problem. However, I discovered that our antenna distribution switch was broken. So, I had to exchange a coaxial relay inside of  that real messy box. It definitely needs some re-work till next contest. We sat up a second 3-by-8 antenna system on Saturday morning.

The contest on 2m started reasonably with 86 QSOs during the first hour with some nice contacts into JO31. However, it slowed down quite a bit during the second hour when only some 35 stations made it through. However, this included some aurora contacts with SM6BFE, SF4J, OZ5W, LA0BY/P, and SM5WDF. Unfortunately, we didn’t hear anyone else. The hourly rate stayed at about 40 Q’s per hour for the next couple of hours. So, we steered for a final result of about 600 Q’s. Suddenly, tropospheric ducting to the British Islands started to kick in. The first station to be worked has been EI9E/P in IO62 square which has been the ODX for the weekend. They produced a nice signal and even asked for 70cm and up. Sorry, we could have worked you there in every contest for the past 15 years. Just not this time! We deeply regret. The conditions stayed well till about noon. A total of 21 x G, 4 x GW, 1 x GM, and 1 x EI made it in our log. Unbelievable, the only sad operating moment has been when we lost GM4VVX in the qsb. Overall activity has been OK but in OK and OM land where we have worked considerably less stations than in the past couple of years.

Nevertheless, we finished with an all time record of more than 250k points and an unbelievable 111 squares. The only record we didn’t crash has been the number of QSO’s. We did a couple more in last years effort.


It has been an almost perfect weekend. Just some ES propagation missing, Hi. Almost all of the equipment worked well but our power supply (50V/3kW) for the main power amplifier. The later died on us with a big bang and needs some considerable repair. Luckily, the power amplifier survived it.

We would like to thank Tobias, DO2WT, and SWL Peter for their extensive help during station setup and dismantling.

So, we hope to see everybody – and hopefully a few more – in September from JO61JF, again.

Results: DF0MTL – JO61JF

Operators: DG0LAW, DH0LS, DK3WE, DL2LSM, DL8WQQ, DL9GRE, DO2WT and SWL Peter

144 MHz
1348km (EI9E/P - IO62OM)
X (high res.)


by Günter, DL2LSM:

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