1st Subregional VHF and Up Contest 2013

In principle the March contest is a great opportunity for us to score big since most of the groups can’t use their normal qth’s. However, the long winter conditions prevented us as well from using our hill for contest purposes. There have been still ice and now on the mountain. Additionally, Jens (DH0LS) called in sick. So, DF0MTL skipped this contest.

Therefore, I decided to uses the free time to learn from the winners and drove to Mount Wetzstein to join the DL0GTH operation. I operated mainly on 2m during night time and on Sunday morning. The operation itself has been unspectacular but still a lot of fun. Unfortunately, my presence went somehow undetected since I can’t found any note of it in the report nor in the operators list.

Nevertheless great fun and some time to remember…


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