IARU Region I VHF Contest 2012

Luckily, the weather forecast was wrong

This time the DQ7A operation took place at the Häuselstein, JN59RF.

The weather forecast promised heavy rain all day on Friday and Saturday morning. Luckily, the rain stayed about 50km to the south and it was just a bit cloudy with a little bit of rain Friday night.

The efforts to set up the 2m 8-by-6 element antenna started on Friday afternoon by DL2LSM, DK3WE, DL3NCS, and DJ7AT. Due to this strong manpower we have been able to finish the setup late afternoon.

The second 2-by-9 element antenna system was set up the next morning and we got the station fully set up about 3 hours before the contest started.

The contest started quite slow in number of QSOs worked. Just 45 stations worked in the first hour. This went on for the entire contest and we ended with a total of 559 stations worked. However, the average distance covered has been 351km giving us almost 200k points. The activity from Italy has been quite remarkable. We worked 60 stations from south of the alps providing us with almost 16 percent of our score which is more than OK. There have been definitely some stations who could hear us but we haven’t been able to work, e.g. SF7WT, OZ6TY and others. We feel sorry about this. However, there is almost all the time strong QRM from other stations and the noise level is high on the band. Nevertheless, we thank you guys for the efforts to call us and hope to work you again some other contest.

Almost all of our equipment worked flawlessly except for a broken headset. So, all in all we are quite satisfied with the result and think that we could defend our 3rd place in the German Contest Trophy.

Thanks everybody for the contacts and we hope to see everybody – and hopefully a few more – in October from JO61JF.

Results: DQ7A – JN59RJ


144 MHz
891km (YR1A - KN16JS)


by Thomas, DL3NCS:

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